Choosing The Number One Child Support Lawyer

Choosing an Irvine child support lawyer is an important step to ensure that you receive the financial support you need for your children. A family law attorney in Irvine can guide you through all aspects of child support matters. They can explain how child support is calculated, explain how your income is calculated, and provide you with transparency about your assets. They can also help you prepare documents for the court, such as an affidavit of support obligation.

You can also hire an Irvine child support lawyer to help you recover child support payments that you are behind on. A judge may hold you in contempt of court if you do not pay your child support as ordered. This can cause serious penalties, such as jail time. It can also prevent you from getting a driver’s license. A good Irvine child support lawyer can ensure that you have the best possible chance of recovering your child support payments.

Irvine family court judges are required to consider a number of factors when determining child support. They must consider the needs of the child, the parents’ custody rights, and the financial situation of each parent. The judge must also consider any ongoing medical treatment and therapy that the child may be undergoing. If a child has a disability, the judge will consider the disability when calculating child support.

Child support is a legal obligation for both parents. When parents are married, they will usually share the responsibility of providing financial support for their children. This is based on the income of the parties, the time that the children spend with each parent, and other factors.

Parents who are divorced can request a judge to issue an order for child support. These orders require the parties to pay a specified amount of money on a monthly basis. The amount of child support can be determined by the judge, or it may be settled by an agreement between the parents. If a parent refuses to pay, the other parent can file a Motion to Show Cause, which can require the other parent to show the court why they are not paying. The court may hold the parent in contempt of court, which may result in fines or jail time.

You may also need to hire a financial investigator to collect information on the income of each parent and other assets. A child support attorney in Irvine can assist you with this, as well as prepare the necessary documents for the court. The judge will also review bank statements, real estate, and other documents.

Irvine family law attorneys can also help you modify your child support order. The order may be changed to reflect new income or other circumstances. When a divorce or custody dispute is involved, hiring an attorney is the best way to protect your rights and your child’s rights. It can also help you avoid costly mistakes.

You may also need to hire forensic accountants or other experts to collect the evidence needed to show your income. An Irvine child support lawyer can help you prepare all of the necessary documents for the court, and ensure that you have the right representation when you are discussing child support.

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