Creating Effective Custom Signs and Graphics for Your Business

Whether you run an established business or just starting out, effective visual communication is essential. That’s why it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal, and that’s where custom signs come in. These versatile, customizable marketing tools offer a wide range of benefits to businesses of all kinds. They help build brand awareness, promote products and services, communicate promotions and special events, provide wayfinding information, and so much more.

They Create a Unique Brand Personality

When designed with your company’s branding in mind, custom business signs can showcase your unique brand personality and differentiate you from competitors. A well-designed sign can capture the attention of customers, ensuring that your message sticks in their brains. This is especially true for signs that are lit up, as they can attract customers at all hours of the day.

They Can Help Boost Your Sales

According to studies, when it comes to advertising, signs are a more effective means of drawing in new clients than word-of-mouth or traditional advertisements. In fact, a single on-site sign can generate as many impressions as 24 full-page newspaper ads. It’s also been shown that people who discover a new business by seeing an on-site sign are three times more likely to visit that business than those who find it through other means.

They Can Create a Sense of Community

If you operate in a shopping center or other multi-tenant location, custom business signs can help you establish a sense of community and support your co-tenants. A good example of this is a mall that features multiple clothing boutiques; each of these can create its own identity by having its own unique signage to distinguish itself from the others.

They Can Remind Your Customers You Exist

A study by the National Retail Federation found that 35% of new customers discovered a business they later visited by driving past it. That’s why it’s so important to have a well-designed, memorable sign that makes your customers want to come in and experience what you have to offer. Whether you have a few bare walls or a whole building to decorate, we can create a unique mural or decal that will boost the ambiance of your space, speak to your target market, and power your business’s bottom line. And if you have a fleet of company-owned vehicles, we can also wrap them in vinyl to make them into mobile billboards that will generate hundreds, if not thousands, of daily impressions for your business. To find out more about how a personalized sign can help your business, contact a custom sign company in Fresno. To learn more visit

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