Hands-On Healing – The Therapeutic Alliance of Chiropractic Care and Massage

Chiropractic is a form of healing that is based on the principle that the human body can self-correct, when the nervous system is functioning properly. When it is not, the body is in a state of stress and unable to heal itself. Atlanta chiropractor use many different techniques to get your spine back into alignment. These include manual techniques such as Activator Methods, Diversified and Drop Table and instrument-based methods such as the Spinal Decompression Table.

Most long-standing spinal problems are accompanied by ingrained muscle patterns and spasms. Often, these muscle and soft tissue issues can be addressed by augmenting your chiropractic care with massage therapy. This helps to speed your recovery and enhance the retraining of your spine.

The concept of treating illness with touch dates back millennia. From Hawaiian lomi lomi massage to ancient Chinese medicine, countless cultures have reported curing their ailments with healing touch. While these accounts and anecdotes do not constitute scientific research, it is difficult to ignore the fact that healing with hands has a colorful history that spans every continent.

When combined with chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage has been known to alleviate pain, stimulate blood circulation, and improve range of motion, balance and flexibility. Our licensed massage therapists are trained to work with your chiropractor to ensure both disciplines are working together for a complete and lasting recovery.

He uses medical-based massage to help relieve muscle tightness and stiffness, improve flexibility and balance and to give your immune system a boost. He is also trained in deep tissue massage and myofascial release to treat muscular tension and pain.

Dr. Jeffrey Scott Ruth has been helping people experience better health and vitality in his practice at Hands-On Healing for over a decade. He believes the key to achieving and maintaining optimum health is through education and genuine care.

He was born and raised in a family of doctors and believes in a natural, holistic approach to healing. His goal is to provide a safe environment where people of all ages and walks of life can achieve their full potential and to share his knowledge with others in order to positively impact the lives around him. He resides in Trophy Club with his wife and son. He enjoys playing golf, gardening and traveling. He has a strong belief in giving back to the community by donating his time and expertise as a board member of the North Texas Children’s Hospital and the Hickory Community Foundation.

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